Happy Launch Day!


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our new site. What is more fitting for a date to gain more independence as a seller. We are a new website today, but not a new shop. I have been a successful ETSY seller with a 5 star rating since 2018! I have recently started to try and grow my small shop further by vending out in person more and by growing my online presence. I have done that through trying to be somewhat more active on social media over the past year, and today I am taking things a step further and gaining more selling independence through this website. I now can offer my items on my own platform where I call the shots! I appreciate ETSY and will always remain a seller there, but in the future all sales and discounts will be on this site. Clothing and custom bags will always be listed here first and will likely not be listed on ETSY at all. All of my best selling items will still be found there if you want to purchase with that extra ETSY protection. I look forward to more steady growth, you are the reason we continue to grow and I am forever grateful for you allowing me to do what I love.

Love, Rachel